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Hello cousin? I too am a Coll from Donegal. Rose (Mulvenna) Mc Ilvenney and Daniel Coll were Great Grandparents.
Daniel Coll
Tecumseh, ON Canada - Fri Feb 11 5:58:16 2005

I am the wife of Thomas A. Mehm-The son of the late Thomas F. Mehm. We have a daughter Isabella. Great site!!!
Gia Mehm
Kingston, pa USA - Sat Jan 29 8:26:06 2005
My mother's maiden name was Ida May Dowey. She was the daughter of Albert Dowey and Mary Effa Miller Dowey. She had 2 brothers Albert and Edward and 2 sisters Grace and Lois. There were 2 other sisters who died very young, Margaret and Joan. Are we related?
Barbara Smith Manari
Palmyra, Pa USA - Mon Sep 13 18:33:06 2004
Hi, my name is Matt Battaglia, brother of Amy Battaglia (previous post). Your website is very interesting. A few things my sister forgot to mention. The photo of William Mehm and Elizabeth Walter (#6, wedding photo) are our grandfathers parents. Also, the photo of the reunion at the Weis' farm i to contact me, we have some great family reunion pictures, including one of all the mehm brothers.
Matt Battaglia
brridgeport, ct USA - Thu Aug 26 19:45:19 2004
Hello I am Amy Battaglia, daughter of John and Joan (Mehm) Battaglia. My grandparents are Jean (Snyder) and George Mehm. I found this site and wand his brothers that I could email to you and we could discuss. Anyway, this is very interesting, I'd love to hear from you.
Amy Battaglia

It appears after looking at your website, and following through several families that I am my own cousin?!!! I now itt doesn't seem possible. Here's my logic. My mother was Kathleen Eunice Burke.mother Eunice Winifred Dougeem possible. Here's my logic. My mother His mother Eunice Winifred Dougherty. Her father John Dougherty Sr. His brother James Dougherty. His daughter Nan Dougherty. Her husband Frederick Krackenfels. His father Theodore Krackenfels, Jr. His brother John Krackenfels. His wife Margaret Hughes. Her half-sister Elizabeth Biggins. Her husband John Kline. His daughter Elizabeth Kline. Hees. Her half-sister Elizabeth Biggins. Her husband John Kline. His daughter Elizabeth Kline. Her son Frank Martin, Jr. His daughter Catherine E. Martin. Her daughter Kathleen Eunice Burke. Her son Christopher Langdon. I think it's great. That's my new motto: "I'm my own cousin." Just a few quick notes to add. Nan's daughter Marilyn passed away in 2002. Her husband is Leonard Snyder, Sr. Their son was Leonard Snyder, Jr. He was killed in the 9-11 attack in NY. He worked for AON Insurance Company. Thanks, Christopher Langdon
Christopher Langdon
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Thu Aug 19 0:38:48 2004
updated info. I posted to this site in 2002, and since received corrected dates and more surnames. Francances Boetcher/Poettger,born May 20, 1889 father Anthony Poettger(later changed to Betcher) mother Catherine Becker/Baker,died in 1892. they attended St. Nicholas, in Wilkes-barre. I am still searching for school records, etc. to absolutely confirm that I am tracing the right Frances. Frank Raymond dob may,1891 changed his name to Pettinger. any info would be appreciated, thanks, Joy
USA - Wed Jul>
USA - Wed Jul 21 9:50:46 2004
Hi uncle Joe Im also a realtive all the mehm boys Jim ,John,Joe,and Jerry are all my cousins on my moms side Mary mehm ,there mother is my aunt...
JoAnne Jones
Hanover township, Pa USA - Mon Jul 5 15:55:09 2004
I ran into this website and don't know why. My birth name was Erna and my twin in Earl. We are of Irish-Italian, Scottinglish decent. I am trying to find relatives.
Rebecca Ortiz-Calderon
Kearns, Utah USA - Mon Mar 8 21:16:04 2004
Hi - found your site just looking to see if I could find any info on my family. I belive I am listed as Pamela Mecca here(which is my mother' my mother's current last name - 2nd marriage). She is MaryEllryEllen daughter of Robert Mehm. My maiden name is Saunders. My brother Jeffrey is list here also. Very interesting - Thank you - I saw some 'quests' that I know here too - Hello Everyone!
Pamela Gutierrez
Lanoka Harbor, NJ USA - Wed Feb 25 13:32:53 2004
Philadelphia, Pa USA - Fri Feb 20 19:54:15 2004
My Mom, Nancy Joan Swithers Katany, daughter of Agnes Balz Swithers, referred me to the site as I had begun a genealogy search a number of years ago but had never completed it. Thank you for the great information.
Judith Marie Katany
Houston, Texas USA - Sun Feb 8 14:21:48 2004
My name is Nancy Joan my sister is Mary and my brother is Edward however he died a few years ago.ALL OF YOUR dates were correct. Do you know what happened to Father Mehm from Wilkes-Barre. Do you know what happened to The Weis family from Park Ave. It was really great to hear from you.
Mountaintop, Pa USA - Tue Feb 3 13:16:31 2004
My grandmothers name was Mary Mehm She was born in Kansas married Charles Balz and lived in Wilkes Barre Pa.She died in 1931. She had 2 sisters that also lived in Wilkes Barre on Park Ave Helen Weis and Annie Lisman.
Nancy Katany
Mountaintop, Pa. USA - Fri Jan 30 17:47:47 2004
LAS VEGAS, NV USA - Tue Dec 30 20:08:41 2003
That is the best intro to a web site I have ever read!!! I am still chilling. I found the site on a search for my elusive Pestas. Just surfing looking for BALZ & HAHN from Wilkes-Barre. I lived at top of Sherman St. hill from birth in '33 until '42 when I moved to Williamsport. Went to grades 1 & 2 at St.Nick's. Always happy to make contacts with Wilkes Barre relatives and others. I have most of what I need on HAHN family - but looking to develop more. Joseph Hahn
Largo, FL USA - Mon Dec 8 12:14:40 2003
Hi Joe, Great job on the web page I'm related to Jenny Mehm and Susan Coolege that live in Sacramento, California, we are sisters. My Dad, Robert Mehm, grew up in PA and later moved to NJ where he met my Mother, McAuliffe, got married and raised his family there. I remember visiting distant cousins in upstate NY and hope to connect to them though this web page. Thanks for all your research. Kathi Mehm-Dewitz and husband Ron DeWitz
Kathleen Mehm - DeWitz <
Silverton, CO USA - Mon Nov 24 15:38:16 2003
Mr. Mehm, Great Site, I am the son of Joe and Rose Long. My wife's name is Jenny Meade and we now have a son Joseph F. Long III born on April 14, 2003. Hope you get in touch. Joe
Joe Long Jr.
Pa USA - Wed Sep 24 6:06:17 2003
Interested in tracking SWITHERS from Stanley Swithers, Norby, Swithers and Wilkes Barre, PA
Robert Stanley Swithers
Indianapolis, IN USA - Wed Aug 20 19:30:41 2003
Would love to know more about my family and what kind of people they were. The Stephens and Lawley and Teels.
Gladys Knight
Red Oak, Ok USA - Mon Aug 18 22:49:45 2003
Hello - Is Biggans a common name in Scotland? I know little about the name. All I know is that my fathers side of the family hthe name. All I know is that my fathers side of the family has been here a long, long time (in America-that might be 200 yrs) Any relaves marry a Carrie Ross nee Kelly? - thanks! Ron Biggans
Ron Biggans
philadelphia, pa USA - Sat Aug 9 13:43:17 2003
German ancestry.

Linda Jane Knappman
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Wed Jul 23 16:30:35 2003
BRAVO!!! I'm not a MEHM but your family history is very interesting and entertaining. Keep researching and see you on the courts. ;) Gina
Gina Hale
Orange Park, FL USA - Wed Jul 2 16:49:52 2003
Another name to add to the mix... Budurka. I'm related to the Mehm's. My Mom (Celia Wagstaff) has a sister (Mary) that that was married to a Mehm. Hi Joe!
Keith Budurka
Hanover Twp, PA USA - Sat Jun 7 21:47:24 2003
hi family
Michael C. Swithers
Pocono Summit , PA USA - Mon Jun 2 15:10:27 2003
Had visited your pages earlier, but wasn't aware, then, that I'm related to the California MEHM family. Mary Stephens Mehm is my dad's first cousin. Boy! This world keeps getting smaller!! Great pages!
chris (Pauly) labor74@aolcom
Bohemia, NY USA - Sat May 10 21:42:37 2003
I found this site by accident as a joke putting in on the web. I see a lot of my family members listed here. I'm related to the California Mehms (Jenny and Susan are my cousins, our dads are brothers)who actually go back to the Joseph John Mehm family of Mahoney City, PA. I'll be talking to my family to see if they are interested in updating some of this info.
Judy Mehm
Lindenhurst, IL USA - Wed May 7 14:47:21 2003
Thank you for putting together this very interesting site reflecting my father's family. Although my dad's family is currently listed as an "other Mehm" (a point to which he may be rolling over in his grave!) he always felt a very strong connection to his german ancestors who he always said came from "the black forest" which sounds so intriguing :) I shall send more information regarding my siblings once I chat with them. Take care, Jo Mehm Baker
Josephine Mehm Baker
Ipswich, MA USA - Mon May 5 21:03:13 2003
I have a feeling you and I corresponded a few years ago on Donegal Genealogy, but perhaps it was another individual from Jacksonville, Fla. At any rate, I'd like to keep in touch. I was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pa; graduated GAR 1960; married Edward J. Mulcahy-St Nicks/1956. After looking over your list of Mehms and "Other Mehms" (I can relate to that!),I'd venture a guess that most of your German family members have been affiliated with St Nicholas Church & school. The Leola Melan, you list with a ?, went to school with my husband. Ed was born in 1938, so that gives you an idea of her approximate yob - assuming she didn't skip a grade, was held back for some reason, etc. He and I recognize many of your family surnames. My husband, Ed Mulcahy, lived on Lehigh St, a few doors below Park. Ave. His mother was Dorothy Burkle; his Father, Edward J Mulcahy, Sr. His Uncle Paul Burkle operated a small supermarket/soda fountain at the corner of Park Ave and Hill Sts during the 50s. Ed has brothers' Jerry, St Nicks'1958,who married a Jeanne Mulhern; then BJ, (marr. Mary "Monica" Ulichney),Jimmie, Paul and Tommy. As far as your Donegal ancestors are concerned - I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that half of them are cousins of mine! I could go on and on, but suffice to say there are McGarveys of Gweedore, Harleys, Colls, Greens, Doogans, McBrides, O'Donnells (both my Father's parents), Wards, Boyles, Gallaghers, Etc. All of them centered around Anagaire, Rann na Feirsde, Loughanure, Dungloe, Crolly, Lettermacaward and Carrickatasken. That's just the Townlands that come to mind immediately. I will be spending a month in Ireland, 6 May to 3 June and will take a print-out of your Donegal Ancestors along with me, in the hope that my relatives and friends can fill in some of the blanks. One question, how did your people get out of Donegal without marrying a Sharkey along the way? Or did I overlook them? How about Campbells? The list was so long, and my time was limited, so I just noted the most numerous Rosses surnames, but it felt like I'd gotten "home" a month earlier than planned. This is great! I'll be back in touch with you. Right now I'm heading out the door for a few days visit to Wilkes-Barre. I think this site is extremely well presented, and I know I'll be returning to it often. I've been doing Genealogical research for about 25 years now. Lots of it in Ireland. Take care and good luck in your searching. Mary O'Donnell Mulcahy Vincentown, NJ 08088
Rose Mary O'Donnell Mulcahy
Vincentown, NJ USA - Wed Apr 23 18:34:54 2003
I am Joe Supplee, born in 1941 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. to Fred and Anna Supplee on Holland St. Attended St Boniface School, GAR High, and graduated from King's College in 1963 with a Math degree. I have been in the Northern Virginia area since leaving Wilkes-Barre in 1965. I am married with three children. I found this site about week ago and loved it. I have communicated information that I know about the Supplee family to Joe
Joe Supplee
Ashburn, Va USA - Thu Apr 17 12:19:54 2003
What a terrific website! I just happened upon it while searching Luzerne County. I was born in Plains, Pa. 1942. My maiden name is Puterbaugh. My mother's maiden name was Haughney. I know I have many first cousin's still in the area with that surname (Haughney), but I do not know them. I grew up in Calif. I'm hopeful of learning more about that side of my family, originally from County Cork, Ireland. Hope to find some via your website. Thank you for this opportunity. Judie Cain
Judie Cain
Wesley Chapel, Fl USA - Tue Apr 15 9:30:19 2003
I have looked and read with much interest at your web site., It is just great. I am the son of Joseph W. Mehm and Elizabeth Hughes Mehm from Lynn, Mass. I was born on Sept. 4, 1948 and was ordained a priest on May 21, 1977. I am presently the pastor of Immaculate Conception Paish in Malden, Mass. You can also check our parish website at Hope to hear from you Fr. Dick Mehm
Rev. Richard J. Mehm
Malden, MA. USA - Mon Mar 3 14:51:50 2003
In the late 60's-early 70's I went to high school with a David Mehm. We had a memorable date to a Led Zeppelin concert, and maybe one or two others, and I can't remember why we parted ways. And I don't know why I've remembered him so frequently after all these years. The high school was Chatsworth High, in the San Fernando Valley, of L.A. California. I was born in 1954, so he would have been born around that same year. On your website I saw a David Mehm, born in '53, who has passed away, but it didn't mention where he was from, etc. If anyone can give me some input about this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much. Patti
Patti McHugh
San Jose , CA USA - Fri Jan 24 23:22:45 2003
Greetings from Huston, TX. My name is Lisa. Let me thank you for such an informative site. I used it to compose cliff notes and free essays for my class. Your site is indeed a wonderful source for all my future term papers and research papers.
Tue Jan 21 2:20:46 2003
I found your site by searching for my Aunt Helen Hochreiter who has just died. I am the son of Esther Hochreiter, sister of Helen, Hildegarde, and Theresa Hochreiter, all daughters of Helena (Lena) and Martin Hochreiter of Parrish St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Harry Supplee and Frederick Supplee were my great-uncles. I'm not sure how the Hochreiters connect to the Mehm family, but I know I heard that name mentioned, along with the Krachenfels family, as I was growing up. I'd love to know more.
Donald Cannon
New York City, NY USA - Wed Jan 1 20:48:28 2003
Hi, Uncle Joe. Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas. I enjoyed your website. I will definitely take another look soon. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Jenine Nealon- Mehm
Massapequa Park, NY USA - Thu Dec 26 13:50:01 2002
Nice site. I enjoyed it very much!
David Jay
USA - Sat Dec 7 12:34:34 2002
I am a cousin to JF Mehm of Kingston, NY. I love the section dealing with the Kingston Mehms. Thanks.
Virginia Reid (Ginny)
Falls Church, VA USA - Wed Nov 13 13:59:39 2002
Hello Uncle Joe, Tyler and I are watching your JAGUARS take a beating by the Giants while surfing the web. Stopped by to check out what is new in the world of the "Mehm", etc. family. Very impressed with the progress the site has made since its debut. Well, back to "surfing". Hello to all that check in here, hopefully the Jaguars will come back this evening!! Mike and Tyler Mehm
Michael and Tyler Mehm
Massapequa Park, NY USA - Sun Nov 3 22:40:09 2002
I'm from W-B, moved to California in 1960, but have fond memories of the town. I found your link on Wondered if you were related to the Mehms on Blackman St. I also enjoyed reading your Dad's philosophy. Sincerely, Bea
Bea (maiden name Petchuk)
Quartz Hill, CA USA - Sat Oct 26 6:21:12 2002
This is a trip! I'm impressed!! Enjoyed the visit, see you next time.
Fernandina Beach, FL USA - Thu Oct 17 11:14:43 2002
Hey! My name is Dave Biggans and I'm from Kirkintilloch in Scotland. The Biggans side of my family come from Ayrshire. Good luck with your searching. All the best, Dave
David Biggans
Kirkintilloch, Scotland - Sat Sep 21 16:56:23 2002
I found your site and guestbook, looking under Wilkes Barre. My grandmothers family is from this area. However I have never met her and can not find any trace of this family. Her name is Frances K. Boetcher, born 1890,Her family came from Germany.She was living in Camden in 1920.Do you know of this family, other name Donald, Esther, Josephine.
joy page
LA., CA. USA - Fri Sep 20 23:34:45 2002
It has been a long time since I've been on your website Joe and you have done a fantastic job. Does anybody out there know anything about the Levonitas or Levonitias family that was in Wilkes Barre Pa.? I have been looking for info on my mother's family and so far have drawn a blank. Chuck Mehm
Chuck Mehm
Tulsa, Ok. USA - Mon Aug 26 21:24:32 2002
Very nice site, you have done a great job!! I just found the page today and noticed that my sister, Susan Tanner, also signed it. Shame on you Sue for not telling me about it!! LOL!! As did my sister, I noticed many surnames that may be connected. Our great Aunt Dorothy Catherine Blaum was married to a Harold Francis Ney. They are both buried in Saint Nicholas Cemetery in Shavertown, Pa. I live only 4 houses up from G.A.R. High School too. I visit the local library as often as I can and if you would like, just send me names and dates and I can see what I can find for you on the microfilms of the old newspapers. Keep up the good work!!!
Ginny Malvizzi
Wilkes-Barre, Pa USA - Wed Aug 21 23:40:31 2002
Joe, Thanks for all the great links. I'm originally from Wilkes-Barre (my maiden name is Henry), where my sisters still reside, and we're working on our family tree. One of our neighbors when I was a kid on Grant St. in the Heights section of W-B was a Mulherin! I think some of the Klinges and Klines in your tree are related to us somehow, too, but I'm not sure how. I recognize a lot of the names in your tree, many of them from church (St. Nick's). Thanks again!
Susan Tanner
Pine City, NY USA - Tue Aug 20 21:42:15 2002
Good work!
Boise, ID USA - Mon Jul 29 19:13:54 2002
Pozdrawiam osobꬠkt󲡠ma w rodzinie familiꠗYSOWSKI !!!
Antoni W?odzimierz WYSOWSKI
Suwa?ki, PL - Sat Jul 27 14:45:00 2002
Great site
Susan Kemmerer
Elmira, NY USA - Tue Jun 11 14:37:40 2002
Was looking for words etc. to Schnitzelbank. Thanks ! I grew up in New Ulm, MN. so das Neu Ulem duetche is part of my upbringing.Am interested in the ancestory of the Reinhart family. Know most info after Joseph Reinhart and Sophie Sietz got married. Donke Schoene !!
John Reinhart
Everett, WA USA - Mon Apr 29 13:54:39 2002
Nice Site, keep up the good work. My wife's mother was a McGeever from Wilkes Barre. There are all kinds of connections between the Mehm's, Larkins, Gallaghers and McGeevers of Wilkes Barre.
Bob Ennis
Aiken, SC USA - Sun Apr 21 20:35:51 2002
Would be interested in locating decendants of the KNAPPMAN OR KNAPPMANN, Germany. Did locate this family name in London, England, about 15 years ago. No relation though, and they stated they were of the English decent, not German.Have many local relatives in WB area w/ this name.
Linda J. Knappman Stets
WB, PA USA - Mon Apr 1 8:56:57 2002
Hi Joe, I think your Elizabeth Gorski listed is my great aunt(my grandfather's sister). She was listed in the 1910 Census as Lizzie Gurski, 18 yrs born in Germany. Is there any way to verify this information on your end. The Gurski name was changed to Gorski in the 1920's. Thanks, Barbara
Barbara Heyliger
Everton, AR USA - Mon Mar 18 19:07:45 2002
Very Glad Joe found my Aunt Elizabeth. I am looking forward to helping you find the missing info from our little branch of the Mehm tree. Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
Falls, USA - Mon Mar 11 10:31:40 2002
Your so right my computer was a dark and lonely place till I met a MEHM here in Jacksonville who also did genealogy. I enjoy doing Luzerne Co, PA genealogy with you and appreciate your friendship and your being there for me. Marge
Marge Gray
Scranton-Jacksonville, PA-FL USA - Thu Jan 3 15:33:01 2002


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