These are genealogy databases of other Mehm families.
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The first database is a Mehm family that hails from the Kingston area of New York State.
My contact in that area is another Joseph Mehm. Joseph's ancestors start with Caspar Mehm, who came over from Germany with his wife Badarena. I have limited information on this Mehm family at the present time, I  need to spend some time researching the Census records of New York, and try to locate obituares, etc.
We hope to connect this family to my ancestors of Wilkes-Barre in the near future.
I will also be adding some stories and comments from Joseph, in addition to some old photos of the Kingston Mehms. Stop back for a visit, as this Mehm web site will be growing as time goes by.

Frederick and Olga Mehm's wedding
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This database consists of a Mehm family from the Buffalo, NY area. My contact here is Tracy Mehm Lupejkis. Tracy tells me her grandfather's family was from Pennsylvania. It is possible I will be able to tie her family into my ancestors, with more information. Until I do, I will be adding her family in this separate tree.

I've located a few contacts in the California area as well as New York who have provided me with some information on their Mehms who originated in the St. Nicholas, Pennsylvania area. It's possible these Mehms tie in to my Mehms from Wilkes-Barre, PA. St. Nicholas is a small town in Schuylkill County, East Mahanoy Township, PA. This is about an hour South of Wilkes-Barre, near Pottsville. One of my contacts in California is Jennifer Mehm, whose father Robert grew up in St. Nicholas. I'll be adding to this database as I receive new information from Jennifer and her family. I've also been contacted by Chris (Pauly) Caraher from New York whose family also hails from the St. Nicholas area.


My first contact in Germany who's provided me with information on his ancestors is Jens Mehm, from Winsen. (Winsen is about 30 kilometers south of Hamburg). Jens traced his ancestors back to his ggg-grandfather Johann Jacob Mehm, who was a mason in the Langenbach/Thuringia area of Germany in the mid 1800's.
I'm hoping to add more information to this family tree as time goes on.

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I had been in contact with a Dirk Mehm in Darmstadt, Germany some time ago, but have not been able to get in touch with him. So if you
are out there Dirk, email me please.



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