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Charles Mehm Sr. Besides this photo, which appears to have been taken in a studio, I have three others of Charles Sr. All of them include a large group of people, some of which are probably other family members. I will include them on this page, hoping one day someone will be able to identify some more of the people in the photos. I have never seen a photo of Charles' wife Agatha Grieshaber, who passed away in 1909. Charles died in Feb. 1931 in Wilkes-Barre at age 77.


These are photos of Charles Mehm and his descendants.

Group photo including Charles Mehm Sr. and William Mehm.

Group photo including Charles Mehm Sr. and William Mehm.

Group photo including Charles Mehm Sr. and Charles A. Mehm.

1. I have no idea where this photo was taken. It appears to be someone's front porch. My great-grandfather Charles and my grandfather's brother William in back row identified as numbers 1 and 2. My brother believes that number 3 is a Klein, who could have been the photographer, using a long remote shutter release.
2. Again, no idea where taken. My great-grandfather in the back row with number 1 on his hat. My grandfather's brother William second from left with number 2 on his jacket.
3. Could have been taken at a church picnic or outing. My grandfather Charles is in the front row of men behind the kids, with number 1 on his shirt. My great-grandfather Charles Sr. in the third row of men, with number 2 on his jacket. My grandfather's brother William in the last row, fourth from right. Number 3 on his shirt.
These photos could have been taken for a newspaper article, or perhaps a church newsletter. Maybe one day someone will recognize one of them.

Mehm siblings ca. about 1895. Photo credit: Tom KleinThis is a photo of my grandfather Charles A. Mehm and five of his brothers and sisters. The photo is courtesy of Tom Klein, a second cousin of mine. Tom's grandmother was Mary (Mehm) Balz, the oldest girl in the photo. Charles is on the right, with William the oldest boy in the middle. The boy on the left would be Frederick (Fritz). The two younger girls are Anna (lower) and Helen (upper). Missing from the photo are Harry, born 1896 and Edward born 1898. I would guess the photo was taken about 1895 or 1896 before Harry was born. Mary Mehm Balz is also shown seated in number 6 photo below, with her husband Charles Henry Balz also seated.
Some technical information on the photo. The photo is an albumen print on a cabinet card, approx. 4 1/4" x 6 1/2". The card is a heavy card stock material with the photography studio's name imprinted on the card: "Griffin's Art Gallery 5 South Main Street Wikes-Barre, PA". It also has the words "Crystal Type" imprinted, which may refer to the type of card or the imprinting.

Mehm children, Jean, Harold, Charles, Mary, Jeannette and Jackie.


Kline sisters, Grace, Ruth and Jennie.


William Mehm and Elizabeth (Walter) wedding photo.


Charles A. Mehm


Jennie (Kline) Mehm

4. My dad Harold and his siblings. Jean, Harold and Charles at the top.
Mary and Jeannette center and brother Jackie at the bottom. (Jackie died at age 3, so this was probably taken about 1921/1922).
5. Three youngest of the Kline sisters, Grace, Ruth and Jennie. Jennie was my grandmother. (photo taken somewhere around 1910).
6. William Mehm and Elizabeth Walter wedding photo. (on the right). (don't have names of their sponsors on the left). William was my grandfather's brother. (photo taken April 1913).
7. Charles A. Mehm's wedding photo (taken about Feb. 1911).
8 . Jennie (Kline) Mehm's wedding photo (taken about Feb. 1911).

Mehm cottage at Harvey's Lake.

Charles A. Mehm and Company C.


Mehm sisters, Jean, Mary and Jeannette.

9. My grandparent's cottage (Charles and Jennie Mehm) at Harvey's Lake. Located a short distance from Sandy Beach. ( photo includes my aunt Jean Mehm Dowey, her son Jim on left and myself on the right.).
10. My grandfather Charles Mehm with a group of men and boys at Harvey's Lake. Flag represents 109th Field Artillery Battalion, Company C, of the Penn. National Guard, which my grandfather belonged to. (photo taken around 19xx).
11. Closeup of the same photo showing my grandfather Charles, back row center, with an arm hanging over his shoulder.
12. My father's three sisters, Jean (Dowey) top, Mary (Pahler) on left and Jeannette (Zamites) on the right. (photo taken around 19xx)

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